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sad girls por vida

Ricky Scricca is my best friend

And I hate Ricky Scricca.

Being so exhausted you can’t sleep


Shauna of Boyfriend Material and Cumulus playing…

"Rebel Grrrl" - Bikini Kill

"Deceptacon" - Le Tigre

"Wilson" - Boyfriend Material

I did this last night!

I like you too but I’m allergic.

Rebel Grrrl #bikinikill we will have full videos up tomorrow 😃 thank you @timmysuburbs @fictorvlorence and Ricky!

Stole these from Leanna! 💜 #letigre

Anonymous Asked:
I too am a neutral milk hotel fan

My answer:

I am glad we share the same taste in music, anon!

Oh how I remember you and how I pushed my fingers through your mouth to make those muscles moooove

I finger paint when I’m stressed.

my lawyer keeps calling me but all i wanna do is disco

wanna disco wanna see me disco!?

Anonymous Asked:
Where is your teal top from?

My answer:

Not sure what you’re talking about, sorry haha

I’m wearing a green sports bra in my picture this morning?

Finally got a hair cut, Jesus

Shauna Marie
I play ukulele and sing
in Boyfriend Material
Dancer for 15 years
Secondary Education in
Social Science Major
Friends in far places
Gainesville &
Coconut Creek, Florida

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"I'm a rare bird"

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