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sad girls por vida

MY MOM IS SO CUTE! She mailed me this Easter basket! There was even Nutella hidden at the bottom 😍😍😍

So far I’ve cried twice during Mary Lambert’s set… Holy shit

Hell yeah! California see you soon! Gonna be in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe! Also working on getting some shows together over there 😍

An anxiety attack might kill me before I get to play with Mary Lambert at The Wooly tonight.

Miss these boys @logandood @dangerouslyhandsomedamien @jesseofsiena #frozen


"ali b, beloved friend and cyclist was struck by a drunk driver in a honda element around 10pm saturday night. she is currently awake and doing better, but has a skull fracture, a compression fracture in her spine, broken ribs and bruising. she also has no memory of the event that landed her in the hospital. this fundraiser is to help her and her family pay for essential living expenses and expenses associated with her making a full recovery. please help a fellow cyclist in need...”

Please help out a very lovely gnv resident. I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting her a couple times, but my close friend(s) always tell me how lovely she is. We want to make sure she has a speedy recovery, donate if you can.

Help spread the word by reblogging,Β fuck drunk drivers and watch out for cyclists.

Do this! Read this! Support this!


No one has changed.

People need to grow up.

Not my problem.


Typical tumblr post #3 β€œI’m sad, mer”

My favorite glasses I’ve ever had the privilege to own just broke.

But it’s kind of okay because I just got the same pair, plus another cute pair for the price of 1

Even though I just had to spend $100 randomly on glasses I shouldn’t have needed

But my financial aid came in and I got paid this week

So I guess I’m doing alright and I should stop complaining.

But Jesus Christ, I didn’t need that to happen.

At least I have my old pair to keep me from being blind for a few days…

So excited about this! #theyeattheirowngod @tetogbdawg @cybersquadfkmt @arewenotmen

Best mom


I think he got what he deserves. Try to burn your own skin dumbass.Β 



An award winning concept



Logan was my shoulder to lean on and got me water when I was sick last night

Michael cheered me up so much when I was upset and sick

Leanna took over my classroom so I could go home early to rest

Ricky is buying me food haha

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